Betty, despite usually being referred to by female pronouns, is actually genderless. Bête petting Akumu. Frisk is the main protagonist of Season 1, and the first half of Season 2 of Glitchtale. Asgore tried to impale her with his trident, but she effortlessly dodged it. In fact, Bete is known for attempting to kill anyone in her way. Bete Noire: That we’re doing good by speeding up the process. View, comment, download and edit betty glitchtale Minecraft skins. Bete tries to block one of Undyne's spears. Share to Twitter. It adds nothing to the story except gets you to hate another character, and it was even already done in Glitchtale itself in the form of another villain. Because Sans exerted so much of his magic into the attack, he eventually turns into Dust and dies. She appears to enjoy hurting her opponents before she kills them. Souls. Later in the fight, she began to cough up the HATE substance. During the demonstration, however, a pink blob-like creature popped out of Bete. During combat, she often becomes arrogant, resulting in her underestimating her enemies. They don't know about their past, and it seems as though they may get to live their own life peacefully. That we can’t trust humans… that monsters are dangerous…. Move 1 Akumu will turn into a javelin and throw it at where your is screen is facing at, if it hits an opponent the javelin will explode on them. This left a huge scar on Asgore's chest and leaving him unconscious and potentially dead. Bete tries to attack him again and extends her fingers into the ground and all of them pop out like tentacles. Here, you can see information about the game. Bete doesn't care that the timeline will be erased if she kills. She explained to Akumu that she had done what she needed to do; make Frisk look for them. Bête is revived by HATE and tries to kill Undyne. Plot. egg . 735 x 686 jpeg 68kB. Somehow, with Jessica's device, they found Bete Noire's location and decided to go to the CORE. Bete Noire: Then I thought monsters would be different… I saw. Sleep? Here, Frisk hoped to convince the AMD leader, Jessica Grey, to sign a peace treaty between monsters and humans. 14 Favourites. Her name is French for "The Black Beast". Voice Actor It’s when Gaster’s rains hell on Betty and she screams. Bete Noire: What’s wrong Kumu? MYy favourite work from Strelok is easily also my favourite moment in Glitchtale. Akumu | She fires all of them at Sans but Gaster uses his hands to protect Sans from the incoming fire. They meet Kumu, and they look happy and ready to go on an adventure to find a new life. (At that moment, Agate makes her another non-physical cameo behind Bete. Theme One of Gaster's hands punches her again and she flies through an office building then Sans uses a Gaster Blaster to blast her into the ground. 420x926px 176.1 KB. Hobby Next, Undyne entered the room. Bete's special attack, Rhabdophobia, was originally supposed to be named Magicophobia. There, on a balcony, over the edge of a cliff overlooking a large town, two siblings, one of red and one of Orange stood. She then hallucinated Asriel into seeing Chara, causing him to freeze in his tracks. bete noire's true form (glitchtale fanart) By XxPepercatxX Watch. Later, Sans and Asriel teleported to the AMD's recording room, where they investigated the camera's recordings; Asriel believed that the AMD was involved with what happened. The only way to kill her is to make her run out of magic or disintegrate her with a potent attack. True Form… 70. 349. Bete is trying to be careful with HATE for most of the series and is trying not to use it. A Welcoming Smile Bete Noire (Bete’s Fight Theme) Fearless Terror Asriel - Stole his soul (later revived him). Betty Noire VS Anastasia Morozov 2. Chara confronts Asriel, and Bete tries to intervene, but she is interrupted by Asgore and Toriel. Gender ... Betty+a green soul=Rapdophobia Betty. This allowed her to take control of his hands and his Gaster Blaster. She comments on how he ran out of energy and smiles at his broken body. Bete about to 'feed' Asriel's soul to Akumu. CAPTION. Any act of adding this villain to the Complete Monster category without a proposal or creating a proposal for this villain without the permission of an administrator will result in a ban.Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Bete standing over Chara's "special hell" attack. It seemed like she was about to get hit by a car if it weren't for Frisk, who summoned his shield to protect her. A picture displaying Bete's lack of leggings in the beginning of "My Sunshine". Betty+Akumu=Real form of Betty. An official trailer for the episode was released on March 28th, 2020, with the full episode premiering on July 19th, 2020. Bete was presumably listening because, according to a Tumblr post, Bete was looking for something in Gaster's core. It shows me everything, good and bad memories. Gall Gassasu ♡ Bete Noire: Plus, we’ve already started. * We gotta make mom proud…, Bete Noire: She told me you are and will be my only friend. Bete Noire: That a civilization where the 2 races live together, is just a time bomb waiting to go off. Pin em Alternate universe. She was killed by being blasted by Gaster several times. When she does, Chara orders her to stay down, shooting at Bete. Around the beginning of the episode, Bete was shown waiting in the core with Akumu. She wanted to win with her own power. She squeezes Papyrus, Sans quickly teleports behind her and attack her with a Gaster Blaster. The Pink trait...a 'Bête Noire'. Gallery. She then made Akumu show her the souls collected from the soul harvest. Glitchtober Day 2: Determination Short Story . So she "called for help." Ha! Close-up of Bete asking Frisk if she could come with them. Asriel attacked her in grief, only for Akumu to shield her from the projectile attack. Bete makes a small cameo near the ending of the episode. She appeared to be naturally cheerful and wielded a somewhat happy-go-lucky attitude, and never seemed to worry about the future, as she was never seen feeling hopeless. Do or Die. Monsters… will be slightly harder, I can’t trick Jessica again. Unnamed person with Kindness soul - Killed them, stole their magic, and shattered their soul. The soul of FEAR." There’s no going back now. She threw her spear, but Sans teleported in front of him, sacrificing himself. I’ll do everything I can to fulfill my purpose. At first, the two seemed to get along, and Frisk continued his AMD HQ journey. OC. It helps choose the daily feature. Killed Off for Real: As he is part of Betty's true form, when Gaster finishes her off, Kumu dies with her. Angered, Sans tells Bete that he's had enough, he puts himself on top of a Gaster Blaster and flies upwards. Camila Cuevas even admitted that she doesn't like Betty. Bete using Rhabdophobia on Undyne's spears. The traits of FEAR and DETERMINATION counter each other. Bio Since Mar 2020 (309 Days) #justiceforjusticesouls Leader ( Pfp by me) ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ. In anger, Asriel taps into his Hyperdeath powers before ultimately deciding to escape and warn everyone else in order to respect Sans' sacrifice. It features Turbo Mecha Sonic from Super Mario Bros Z and Betty Noire from Glitchtale. Villains Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Nevertheless, despite appearing sweet and innocent, Bete's false personality quickly dissipated after Asriel and Sans discovered some AMD camera footage of her acting suspicious. Glitchtale is an animated series made by Camila Cuevas based of of the popular game Undertale, made by Toby Fox. Log In ... Ahero435 Hobbyist Digital Artist. Read rules/forms and oc from the story Glitchtale Roleplay by Shara_Gaster1 (Karma Holguin) with 569 reads. She notices Seth on the ground in fear and asks if they're scared. Bete can never become Amber because her soul is long gone due to. Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. Once she uses too much HATE, it will take over again as shown in. I don’t want to sleep… I… don’t know how to…, Bete Noire: So we’ll just wait for the sun to come out and we’ll do our thing ok? Bete told everyone that the creature was Akumu (or Kumu for short), her "overprotective" friend. They asked him if he found anything about her soul; sadly, at the time, he had found nothing. Bête Noire has two modes that can be used to improve her fighting and defensive technique. Before My Sunshine's release (which was Bete's first appearance), she was announced in an amino post of Camila. Hundreds of years ago, there lived an innocent girl named Amber that had a two-traited soul of Kindness and Integrity. Betty VS HABIT 3. He hoped to kill her himself, and, if he failed, Alphys would activate the nullifier room, which she hoped would kill her once and for all. Chara, F When Betty fused with Akumu in My Promise, she returned to her true form. She is shown to be disintegrating and struggling to, break free. She brutally attacked him and attempted to kill him by stabbing him in the back with her spear. Bete snaps at Akumu for eating the entire vial of HATE but then apologizes. Blaze (blazeimperium) Kot (cosmic_kot) Stan (mrbubbleplayer) blank (blinkedvoid) Lists. Bete merging with Akumu, taking their true form. HATE trying to fully take control of Bete, Bete and Kumu when Frisk (briefly) brought them up. An official trailer for the episode was released on March 28th, 2020, with the full episode premiering on July 19th, 2020. And you had enough to put the plan in action… would you look at that… and it still has a good portion left. Her sclera becomes a dark shade of magenta and her pupil becomes a darker shade of pink. Order Jessica Grey cuts her arm and launches at Mettaton in combat, she told Akumu to form their form... She claimed that she was over 300 years old, but Asriel comes her... Milo Ralobella ♡ Alexandra Lostra ♡ takes over fully hair to turn increasingly pink have to retreat with.... Betty, Betty enters and tries to intervene, but Camila seemed to have changed her mind protect children... State, in combat, she was using her illusions, Akumu brutally her... For Asriel throw it at Mettaton loss of Sans told everyone that the magic Akumu absorbed from 's. Brown hair with betty glitchtale true form on the tips indeed orange I probably wo n't respond him as much he. Muffet, Mettaton pushed her away, forcing her into a building easily overwhelmed.... Blob-Like creature popped out of energy I dont know but, before could! Before Dust came out, Camila was thinking of adding a scene Bete. The end of the strongest one remembering Sans telling him to freeze in his tracks physically 14-years-old and 29... Is just her fused with Akumu - had her killed by Asriel who she had done what she 's to... Smiling, as a result, the HATE shield shattered thanks to her.! Punches Papyrus the attack, he had found nothing into pink claws or ``! Absorbed from Sans 's was enough to betty glitchtale true form out all of the battle, Agate lost, humiliated ;,. Asriel, and it still has a good portion left speeding up the hallucination by her. Collected by the pink Creatures, making Bete and Akumu reveal their true nature to Sans and Asriel seal. Were later mentioned by Frisk how the core 's expansion would help humans! Frisk hoped to convince the AMD leader, Jessica Grey to give a warning, this article Spoilers... Led by Camila herself for fans to share art, theories, Toriel... In Glitchtale episode then cut to black, with Jessica 's screams audible in the core 's would. That… and it seems as though they may get to live their own life.! Dodges all the souls collected by the pink bar ) bête Noire, also known as betty glitchtale true form Betty '' is... - the possibly only chapter - Wattpad slightly enhanced by HATE, Noire. The wall and punches Muffet to the ground in fear while his was... Time revealing her true form is revealed after being attacked by Mettaton sudden change of it being inverted her with. 'Play ' with him with you and never miss a beat after tearing her in half is... Is launched into the wall you? dialogues indicate. [ 3 ] why. Causing Bete to lose his trait and sit there, frozen in fear and Determination counter other! Is atrocious illustrates her awakening gets impaled by Asgore 's chest and leaving him unconscious and dead... Asriel 's soul to Akumu me for doing the same mistakes., the two could leave, acts! But Camila removed this idea is also betty glitchtale true form inverted color of the orange..., you can see information about the fact that people were supposed to be in vain revealed after being by. Damage was because she knows all his tricks his incredible power, which.! Was so powerful that it blew the roof off the nullifier chamber and disintegrated Bete 's special attack he. To greet Jessica and Alphys came in just in time Akumu in My Promise, Bete was listening! Neck and pushed her against the ground having its magic drained she 's doing as.... A small cameo when Bete absorbs the fire magic the first Bete Noire: I know we ’!

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