Mathew 6:13 and Luke 11:14. Joseph Smith (December 23, 1805 – June 27, 1844) was an American religious leader and the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement whose current followers include members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Community of Christ, and other Latter Day Saint denominations.The early life of Joseph Smith covers his life from his birth to the end of 1827. Scholars turn anew to an old question: If Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon, how did he do it? Meg – BRILLIANT! He didn’t have the time, education or wherewithal to do this. Born into a poor farming family, he was the fifth child of 11 — nine of whom survived childhood. Top Joseph Smith… Several commentators have weighed in on the question of how old Isaac was when he was to be sacrificed: 18 to 20 years old (Leupold, 1:625); 25 years old (Josephus, 1.13.2); about 33 years old (Adam Clarke, 1:140); and over 20 years old (Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown, p. 29). I don’t know why it’s never occurred to me that Joseph Smith’s hat could have been made of animal skins. Mormon's son, Moroni buried the Gold Plates in the soil of Hill Cumorah, where they were found by Joseph Smith, who learned of their location by revelation and as instructed by the Angel Moroni. Joseph Smith at the age of 16 ( maybe 14,15 or 17) was led to the site of the plates by the angel Moroni, Joseph was instructed not to remove the items until he was given permission. According to Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, in 1823 the angel Moroni guided him to some golden plates buried on a hill near to where he lived. When I asked “Elder Salt” about the bloodstain, he pointed it out to me and explained that it was the “sacred blood of Hyrum,” Joseph Smith’s brother. Recalled Joseph’s wife Emma, “No man could have dictated the writing of the manuscripts unless he was inspired.” 6 Joseph translated the gold plates in … And indeed it was. Smith apparently collected these plates, took them home, and subsequently translated them into the Book of Mormon which he then published in 1830. FairMormon Answers Wiki Table of Contents. He also told Joseph that he needed to bring the right person to retrieve the plates, and that person was his oldest brother, Alvin (Saints; Dean Jessee, “Joseph Knight’s Recollection of Early Mormon History,” BYU Studies, Autumn 1976, p. 31). He claimed that an angel named Moroni had directed him to a buried stone box, containing a set of gold plates, covered with strange symbols. (See Requirements below). Absurd as it may seem to some, it is not improbable that the answer to this question will be, Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet!" To avoid local harassment and mobs, he moved to harmony, pennsylvania, in December 1827. 11-12), Joseph later wrote to John Wentworth that the plates had "the appearance of gold": "These records were engraven on plates which had the appearance of gold. Even Joseph Smith’s own changes and additions here speak of the Word as personally being Jesus, the Son, rather than being the gospel. Joseph did not translate all of the plates; there was a portion of them sealed, which you can learn from the Book of Doctrine and Covenants. They were told at the time that it was the blood of Joseph Smith that was shed for the church. The Gold Plates or Golden Plates (also referred to derisively as the Golden Bible) are the material upon which the ancient American prophet Mormon wrote his abridgment of the record of his people. "Joseph Smith skims over the specific event leading to the trial in the Pearl of Great Price, explaining that he was only a day worker for the man so engaged and not personally involved. Short answer: Joseph Smith could not have written it. Question: "Who was Joseph Smith?" 3, no. Clearly, Joseph Smith told his stories after he learned about, and saw, the golden plates. 1, by Joseph Smith, pp. Joseph Smith and the Kinderhook plates Summary: A set of small plates, engraved with characters of ancient appearance, were purported to have been unearthed in Kinderhook, Illinois, in April 1843.The so-called "Kinderhook plates" have been something of an enigma within the Mormon community since they first appeared. The golden plates upon which the Book of Mormon was written have had quite a history, and it is rather well documented. 8, (1910), pp. When the Prophet Joseph Smith went to the Hill Cumorah the first time he describes the setting for the gold plates, the Urim and Thummin and the breastplate. He was known at a young age as a seer and reportedly used a seer stone to tell him where he could find such precious metals as silver. He [Joseph Smith] did not use the plates in translation ”(David Whitmer interview given to Kansas City Journal, June 5, 1881, reprinted in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Journal of History, vol. 299-300) Martin Harris: The coming forth of the Book of Mormon, foretold by ancient prophets, began with an angelic visitation in 1823 to 17-year-old Joseph Smith. ( bowed to his position). Remember his dream included his Father bowing. We first learn about them from the visit of the Angel Moroni to Joseph Smith on September 21, 1823. For one who had little schooling, Joseph Smith left an unusually extensive literary record. The historicity of the Golden Plates. Joseph Smith Jr. was born 23 December 1805 in Sharon, Vermont, to Joseph and Lucy Mack Smith. He translated the plates by the gift and power of God, and then published his … In the famous model prayer that Jesus offers in Matthew 6, one of the things He teaches us to pray is: ... even before he got the plates and began translating. (Joseph Smith-History 1:51–52.) He is the one that led a group of 12 men to try and steal the plates from Joseph Smith finally obtained the plates from the Hill Cumorah. Joseph Smith was arrested on several occasions, and in 1844 a jail where he and his brother was being held was attacked by an armed mob, and both men were shot and killed. But, as Bruce R. McConkie stated, Mary was about the age of Joseph Smith when he had his first vision…which shows that advanced souls in spiritual things like the Prophet Joseph and Mary, the mother of the Son of God, were ready at young ages to be given … The night that Heber and his friends in Mendon, New York saw the vision and Brigham Young and friends saw it in Port Byron, New York was September 22, 1827—the same night that the angel Moroni delivered the plates of the Book of Mormon into the hands of the prophet Joseph Smith. Learning that part of the plates are sealed, he says, in fulfillment of prophecy (Isaiah 29:11), “I cannot read a sealed book.” April 12 Harmony, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania: Joseph Smith commences translation of the Book of Mormon with Martin Harris as scribe. Answer: Joseph Smith is widely known as the founder of the Mormon Church, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.Joseph Smith from an early age was thought to have certain occult powers. He explained that he retrieved the plates from a hillside in upstate New York in 1827 and thereafter translated them with help from several scribes. Thus, even Joseph Smith testifies that Joseph Smith got this one completely wrong. When I visited the jail in 1980, the glass frame had been removed. The appearance of the plates found by Joseph Smith is described by many of the early church leaders. Willard CHase was an enemy of the prophet from the beginning. Indeed, it is known that Moroni showed Joseph visions and gave him information regarding the people whose stories were found on the Nephite record (see Times and Seasons , vol. This is just the same, tired , worn-out, anti-mormon falsehoods that have been in circulation since Joseph Smith received the plates. Joseph Smith. When Joseph got the plates, the angel instructed him to carry them back to the hill Cumorah, which he … Joseph Smith Jr. is said to have found similar golden plates on September 22, 1823, in a hill near his home in Manchester, New York. According to Joseph Smith’s later accounts, three years after he experienced his first vision of Deity, an angel appeared to him in 1823 and told him of an ancient record written on gold plates. During this visit Moroni told Joseph that the plates and the urim and thummim were buried nearby, and showed him their location. The plates, later known as the Kinderhook Plates, made their way to Nauvoo and were presented to Joseph Smith, who was reported to have said, according to the History of the Church, “I have translated a portion of them, and find they contain the history of the person with whom they were found. Seven years later, in 1830, this scriptural canon of the Latter-day Saints was published for the world. Born in Vermont in 1805, Smith claimed in 1823 that he had been visited by a Christian angel named Moroni who spoke to him of an ancient text that had been lost for 1,500 years. Answer to: How old was Joseph Smith when he got the golden plates? LDS Church History documents that their mormon founder, Joseph Smith, lied to a large group of people about his having multiple wives. Joseph Smith first obtained the gold plates at the hill Cumorah in New York, in the early morning hours of September 22, 1827. Oliver Cowdery went with the Prophet Joseph when he deposited these plates. Four years later Joseph Smith was allowed to take these plates into his possession with a strict charge to preserve them until the messenger should call for them. "Mormon writers have continually challenged its doubters to find the records (seemingly lost) and prove Joseph Smith a liar or stop the attacks. Joseph was 33 years old when all his brothers and his Father Israel with all his step Mothers came to Egypt and bowed to him. He visited the location each year for four years, until he was told that the time had come for these scriptures to be translated. From 1828, when he began work on the Book of Mormon at age twenty-two, to 1844, when he was killed at age thirty-eight, Smith produced thousands of pages of revelations, translations, correspondence, declarations, discourses, journals, and histories. God gave Joseph Smith the gift and power to translate writings recorded centuries ago in a language of which Joseph had no knowledge. This is found in Joseph Smith–History verse 52 “Having removed the earth, I obtained a lever, which I got fixed under the edge of the stone, and with a little exertion raised it up. Although Joseph originally said "there was a book deposited, written upon gold plates" (History of the Church, vol. In History of the Church Vol.

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