add it to the windows 10 version I really want to play it so add windows 10 version i will credit you, i really like the feaures and i hope i can play it, So thank you and update it when you can, BRO MC PE AND WINDOWS 10 VERSION ARE THE SAME YOU CAN USE MC PE MODS ON WINDOWS 10 VERSION LIKE YOU CAN PLAY ON A MCPE SERVER USING WINDOWS 10 VERSION. and he cant catch me because even im in sirvival im can still fly but its a little bit creepy tho. I you showcase bendy’s mod please don’t milk it. No rush but how long will the expectancy be for the mod if people keep milking it. I will make it ok? Wow dude. This Addon looks cool, I just can’t figure out how to download it. Just deal with it. Its skin looks like rusted metal but it is actually mummified skin. I just wish I could download this very cool Addon. this is super scarey I undownloaded instantly dont get it it is super sacary and super jumpscares! An alternative could be him making his siren noise in your face. Almost all Mcpedl links are a bit janky you will have to try media fire a few times before it works. hey bendy can you add cartoon dog in addon siren head v2 to v3, Guys dont dowload its virus after dowload please just dont do it for the sake of ur phone that happend to me and then the phone had to restart all again:( for ur own risk<3 see ya, ITS NO VIRUS YOU DUMMY YOU JUST CLICK THE WRONG THING I honestly think you should add your V3 soon. If someone manages to get past the guys awful adfly, can you post the download link? SirenHead addon implements a new horror enemy in Minecraft Bedrock, also adds an item to your inventory . He is annoying he is not even siren head. i know you can do it !! Who wants to guess what will be in the update. Good boy He lures his unsuspecting victims into the woods and ultimately finishes them off by enjoying a creepy sound that makes the person to read so that they can’t hear it coming. i just download the MClauncher and i can play it again, I love the addon and how well everything is designed but there is one problem one tiny little problem siren head and cartoon cat spam punches and when this happens I have to quit my world due to spawnkill and too much lag to put in kill command, still a very well designed addon and I love what you make, Also siren head and cartoon cat grab things to early hi bendy! Oops. I only have one suggestion that you remove this game forcing to survival and make Cartoon cat possible to beat like siren head boss otherwise i love this addon. Also, my friend and I played the old version and we loved the spruce texture. Smile room V3, if We get enough people to agree with us then bendy will see we want V3 now! kinda is a downer that the Add-on doesn’t work in 1.16 anymore but I understand why It should stay broken until people start putting credit where credit is due. and increase siren/light head’s sizes, because they should be MUCH bigger. How do I DOWNLOAD this? Thank you bendy I can’t wait for the new update. 1. To make people shut up, Me? I really like the design but I can’t download as the McAddon because it’s not a valid zip file. and You and Dany Fox are both my Favroite Add-on Creators and now you two are working together! Didn’t you know about this feature made in MCPE dl long time back??? you should increase all of their health, especially cartoon cat. I want them added when the milking stops, Day 17 of asking for V3 (No pun intended), OMG HOW OLD ARE YOU HE WILL NOT UPDATE THE ADDON And can you fix the Siren Head Animation when he Runs make him Walk like Normal. The lamb So this addon is YouTube Amazing Addon But You Could Make Siren Head Go More Faster Please, This addon is pretty cool. In Survival when ever i hit siren head it turns my volume up to 80+ even though i set the volume on 10. it ruins emersion for me and some friends on our world. 2. You said that the mod would be finished after the update 1.16.0 was finished. This is one of the best mods out there for bedrock, 99% highly recommend This addon, but the one thing is in the next addon for this (probably a sequel) cartoon cat can be /killed like /kill @e[type=ho:cartoon_cat] because when i did that the game pooped and he came back to life, in the next addon make it so you can /kill Mr. Hamood Cat please. Are you happy? And btw your SCP addon is also great now I don’t have to build a crazy command block machine to fix the problem with the current mod ;> ;> ;>. I plan on using this in a little mod pack for my friends and I. The creator has put hard work in their add-on, i want to make a map using your addon pls give me permission, Just give me credit like the other map that use my addon, this is werid when i addon (i spawn in cartoon cat and theres no explosion effects that lasts infinite) and he walked the same (but when attacking) explosion effects EVEN SIREN HEAD he had no explosion effect but when he was attacking explosion effects started happening, (witch i did not know that was happening), but i can finally see cartoon cat again & siren head! If you make an add-on using an adfly, you will earn money, Hey Bendy Can you Update Scp Addon to 1.26+ ??? That add-on is going to be great for my scp map that I’ve been working on. (This is Google Translate). Bendy Just Fix the mod! noooooooooo. #truth hurts, Shut up you two bendythedemon18 is not updating this (for now maybe? Pls, What was the plot armour for? plz fix him. Hurry up with V3 I made addons before, I could easily be done with V5 by now, so maybe you should HURRY UP! Ver 1.0.0 of Trevor Henderson mod. they make an endless explosion hope will fixnit in next addon update. Heck I might find better ones, but when this updates I’ll check it and might come back. I will not milk it I just use it in mob battles and try to defeat the creatures with friends. Hi bendy this addon is very nicei im having fun while cartoon cat is having a hard time of chasing me i set a lot of traps for him and he always fall for it???? Calm down satan How long do you think that may take. BendyTheDemon18 when I was Playing around with cartoon cat he said The name Of My Player, is he real Because He also said he wants to touch me in real life, BendyTheDemon18 when I was Playing around with cartoon cat he said The name Of My Player and Said He wish he could touch me in real life, is This just a joke because I thought Trevor creatures were fictional, bro trevor creatures are fake they are creepypastas like scp-682,scp-096 they are created for you read other examples, Slender Man,Siren Head,Scp-049,jeff the killed, hey Guest-1157648071 the thing is that the character is fake just the words that he is saying are taunts that arnt real they were added to scare the player. Great addon as always and cant wait to see what you have in store next. Like I have said stop rushing. I’m going to say now what some people do that gets your attention. And BTW and the scp? I am downloading this mod on iPad but it takes me to my files what do I do from there, can you remove Cartoon Cat Spawning its bad because you are going to find diamonds and boom theres a monster destroying your house killing you and killing everything on your world and can you make siren head more realistic IA? Can you make cartoon cat not make me into survival mode? They are having problems and won’t update till everybody stops milking there addons. See how the mobs will deal with the baby Siren Head. Please for v3 add Bridge worm , cartoons dog and “The God of Roadkill” . Bendy your my fav creator, but this all sucks. Don’t forget that he also has other addons that he needs to update. Ok. Never mind. Can you please make a function that disables the sound wave? Unless you want to be stuck with a laggy and broken mod. I love this add-on! i go to the link on it i follow the intructions Keep it up dude. And he deleted my comment. 2. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Maybe instead of him swinging at you after he grabs you he can bite you with his moth? Yeah it’s great and all, but not many mobs are there. Does it work in multipayer? And finally command 3 : /game rule command block output false. Can there be a settings that cartoon cat wont turn me into survival? and then it puts me at a adfly thing it says subscribe theres no deny or skip button Bridge worm I hope you continue to expand this! I think this would be really cool, maybe make it 8 blocks long and 4 blocks high, overall I’m happy with what you already made, but if your able to do this during your free time, I would be happy to see it in V3. To be precise, I can download the file but it won’t open it in Minecraft, telling me the zip archive isn’t valid (and yes, I’ve always used the first link). Ghost pig Bridge worm So I’ve been checking YouTube for milkers. Go and get a repeating command block And type in: /kill ho:slam and place down another Command block and do: /kill ho:slam1 and put it to always active then spawn siren head or cartoon cat and you won’t explode far away (tell me if it worked), So that’s why there are watermarks. Bro you just said we were idiots so why wold we help you ?? I went to my house. So glad you updated this Addon! Siren head’s smash attack sometimes crashes my game, can you fix that? Second of all, I would say that the mobs in this addon are annoying and not scary at all. 4. 17:55 Do NOT Use THE SIREN HEAD Seed In MINECRAFT! NO DON’T PRESS ALLOW just wait a few seconds or else you’ll get SPAMED. I love this mod but whenever I spawn cartoon cat after a few seconds my game crashes and does not let me back in Minecraft for a minute idk if this is a bug or just my device. I try to load up this mod it crashes my Minecraft completely. the plugin is very good, it has several sound effects and the animations are very good, the only thing I don’t like is that the name appears on the screen, is it necessary that it appears all the time? Muito bom, mas a hit-box dele podia ser maior. I feel your pain I’m a realm creator I just do what they say so they stop. Hello bendythedemon18, i just want to have the permission to use some of the scripts of your addon for my addon but don’t worry I’m not posting my addon it’s just for a map that im making. You want people to like your mods. hi bendy! (Please do it!!) (you arent listening………………..) hes not gonna do it if you guys keep asking. I have a question. Thanks for telling me. if you fix the bug of this addon so that it works on version 1.16 then I will be very happy. Almost like a litle kid ???????????? And all you have to do to get those videos taken down if clickbait report, spam or misleading and call them out publicly. I had a conversation with Cartoon Cat and found something horrible…, Me too but at the end he said thanks to bendy for creating me to kill you, Awesome bendy your my fav creator on minecraft soon when we get a lot of people to download this maybe do a map and add more creations btw thanks for the Addons only reason why I play minecraft. This is so annoying! And maybe add cartoon dog or brige worm. PLEASE REPLY. To get even more milker?! These kids in the comments are beyond stupid and garbage ugh anyway the only annoying part about the mod is I really hate seeing the addon by bendy on the bottom of my screen every night I don’t need to see constant text that doesn’t really go away is there anyway to remove it myself?? I need help how do we install addons I’m on iPad too, I like the addon but I don’t know how to install the addon, Sorry for the idiot response. you really are the best at making scary mod in minecraft, Wow this update is awesome!! Great job on creeping me out. Minecraft has plenty of adrenaline rush and flash on your phone, so get ready! Sorry for my grammar. If the creator doesn’t want to update due to foolish people milking their addon, its their choice. ? Just a thought. I also noticed that I wrote a lot, and most people don’t try to read much as I see most people respond to shorter comments, but I would still like a response and only a response from the creator bendythedemon18. not gonna lie- i had a heart attack when it snuck up on me the first time I tried this with me and my mates and they loved it, I think what would make it more scarier though is if it were able to climb up walls like a spider, because most of the time we can just get away by climbing a tree. AT LEAST MAKE IT SO THAT THEY BOTH DONT BLOW YOU AWAY IF YOU GET TOO CLOSE. maybe i might have to delete this addon and wait untill the milking stops??? Whelp, I combined Bendy’s BATIM addon with this addon, and Bendy got a huge RIP against Cartoon Cat. Just the cartoon cat creeps me out…, oooh no cartoon cat reallly creeps me out help me he isn’t real right? It would be really cool if you could add the country road creature or lopsided grin to this magnificent Addon! Yeah bendy working on stuff. I was wondering, how do i disable the sign saying, “made by bendythedemon18” above the chat, I will replace it with the other type in the next update. SO DONT RUSH HIM ? All we need are Long Horse, Bridge Worm, Bonesworth, and other members of the Henderson crew. Be prepared for screamers in Minecraft on your tablet, otherwise you can be very scared! Now that i think about it he is being selfish he is just making it all worse ☹☹☹? I get that people are milking, but it’s rude to say your going to do something and then you don’t do it. He hasn’t uploaded any vids yet. Thanks <3. Love your work. And also I’m a dummy I got the beta version of the mod :<, shut it Lbs33, don’t get mad about a simple redirector (and yeah adfly is poopy caca ofc) when you reload the website enough times you get redirected to media fire to get the Mr. Hamood Cat and Serin head (and yes I switched the letters so don’t accuse me of bad spelling) also you need to click “deny” and press “skip this ad’ and then do the reloading of god, Don’t don’t get mad at adfly I got the texture skin of your mod of cartoon cat and i want to make it 3d so that i can pose it for my youtube thumbnail can you help me? The mod works well but it’s immersion breaking when your water mark shows up every time the fog comes, it would be better if the water mark just showed up for a few seconds when you load into the world. Well, this is the addon to help! ?? Stop rushing they are having problems. He can’t even make siren head. Until people stop milking nothing will happen. Have a great day! I love this Addon but when Siren Head picks up stuff they hover under his hand so plz fix that , There’s a problem when you spawn him he literally can move very poorly same goes for cartoon cat. I’m so happy that you updated this! Cause it seems like you just don’t care anymore. Ok, but I will give it more than what you suggest. Maybe you could also make it so he gravitates towards forests and strands still for long periods of time? Bendy is most likely taking a break! It has a bit more health. One Question, how do I DOWNLOAD this mod? It would be a really cool and creepy animation. Scroll up in comments. What do you mean your not an idiot. the animation is really smooth, and sound is exactly same as the siren head video, good job. This is amazing. And for Those of you who are milking just stop!!! 5 stars btw its really good. Loving it and next update can you add bridge worm long horse and breaking news if you add that bendy that would be GREAT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Like say Microsoft edge…… Please tell me…. Its tooo hard to play MC with him.He was following me 30 blocks away! thank you for your attention, why when spawning cartoon cats are always in survival mode, Hey. . your add ons are super cool but your link i hate it wants me to install somthing else what i am saying is… GET YOUR ADD ON DOWNLOAD LINKS ON MEDIAFIRE PLEASE, And also how did you add addon to this website ican’t share it too here please even though it was my first addon please anyone help please I am not a hater, In 1.16 version this ceeature are triggered. explore origin none Base skins used to create this skin; find derivations Skins created based on this one; Find skins like this: almost equal very similar quite similar Skins that look like this but with minor edits -Isaiah, Every idiot stop rushing bendy and Julius. He crawl like this can you make a male and female, can you make females passive and males aggressive, CAN YOU MAKE THIS CAN YOU MAKE THAT OR MAKE THIS OR DO THIS. How do you install the mod I think I did it wrong, Hey Jose make siren head map I know you make siren head map that day make new siren head map thank you. Remove the particles from the cartoon cat. your acting like 3 yr olds you idiots! Good luck, your going to need it. Chicken ghost. Hey here’s the reason why the addons aren’t going out. Rename the addon to “Trevor Hendersons creations” so you stop getting hate for cartoon cat, i love this addon so keep up the good work. And Bridge Worm, Smile Room and Early Doom. you need to do the panzer soldat of call of duty , No this addon is useless cuz its laggy I went to bed. (but the evil one). I.CHALLENGE.YOU.ALL. Boy read the comments.theres like 100 people who are asking for more/V3! Give it up. 2 Mod Lucky Boxes Add-on (1.12+) XF5MK. looks like we might be getting another update soon. Oh yes im the guy who posted the last comment. I whatched a video and they aren’t updating until people stop milking there addons. Lighthead’s in the game, but he’s only spawnable via commands. , I fixed explosion and knock back on siren and light head. Big charlie V3!”, what do you think that says about you? If you want to get a update so why not make your own add on and experience how hard it is. I CAN SEE THAT YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DOWNLOAD ADDONS ????‍♂️. I now realized why this is such a problem for you. Be grateful that the Siren Head add-on exists. But I have just one complaint, can you add a drop for anyone that actually manages to kill siren head. *Im the one who wants the male and female lighthead spawn egg, please make it so that lighthead is a spawn egg and can you make him not a boss AND make him half the size of siren head. Other than that 5 stars for the addon. Still the best siren head mod ?? Ey why the gold change give back to all the gold blocks!! There have been sightings of Siren Head with different head arrangements meaning that there could be multiple Siren head creatures! Did you not update ur game? This actually scared me because i thought he wasnt gonna distort himself in minecraft but great addon. I bet it’s a really good mod. That would be Awesome of you or make two Add-ons one where cartoon cat has that power with gamemode or no power? Can you make him die when i use /kill @e he do not die he just come back For real how am i suppose to dissoawn him, bendythedemon18 you are good at making sirenhead, lighthead and cartoon cat moves when attacking or walking and they sound scary. Man Cartoon Cat spawned after 40 minutes of playing lol - Minecraft. Yes please, I hope this add on will eventually add many if not all of the various Trevor Henderson creatures. I’m also looking at the lockdown scp thing and I’m deciding wether or not I should move on. The Spawn rate is too high, I got swarmed by 50 of these things on survival. nevermind. The mods or addons or skin creator doesnt work because when i import the skin it looks disfigured im going to give credits to you thanks. I got it!

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