It’s cost effective. Furthermore, Beef Tallow is excellent for frying donuts and traditional pastries. Since the skin is our largest organ, it soaks up everything we put on it. Canton, MO 63435 Here is an easy recipe with all of the steps to making a homemade beef tallow laundry detergent. To keep the candle wick in place while the beef tallow hardens, lay a pencil on either side of the glass mason jar then firmly tape the pencil in place until the candle wick is standing in the middle of the mason jar all on its own. Tallow, which comes from grass-fed cows, mutton, and bison (so far, so paleo), has long been used for things like candles and, as Racked points out, in your nan's homemade lotions and potions. Synthetic topics and chemicals get absorbed through the skin and eventually make their way through our bloodstream where they are processed by the liver. Many soaps and body washes are chemical laden, filled with harsh fragrances and are water based, which can leave your skin feeling dry, dehydrated and stripped of its natural, delicate oils. by U.S. Wellness Meats | May 10, 2018 | Expert Advice, Good Fats, Health & Fitness, Misc Info, Product Information, US Wellness Meats. From soap to skincare beef tallow has more than one purpose. Beef tallow is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. 877.383.0051, THE ORDER MINIMUM IS 7 lbs + $75. Beef tallow can be used in all types of cooking methods, but is most often used in high-temperature cooking like frying. It got me interested in beef tallow, I have a deep fryer that I often use corn oil and peanut oil with, but I want to feel it with beef tallow. Tallow can also be added to beeswax candles to cut expense. Beef tallow has a delicious taste, and it adds a lot of flavor to food. (Crazy, right?) Remove tallow and scrape the bottom layer of junk off the block. Mix tallow with natural plant matter to dye it in earth tone shades to make a natural camo and body paint. Tallow is a healing salve for rashes and skin irritation. Some call it tallow, some call it dripping, and people-in-the-know call it the secret ingredient.. With the rise of foodie diets, paleo eating, the keto diet, and the (recent) realization that saturated fats aren’t bad for us after all, beef tallow is making a comeback. Melt your tallow pieces you have, this can be prior soap you made and want to reuse the scraps: Then pour the melted tallow into the shape. Wow , eh? When I tell people I make soap from grass-fed tallow their first reaction is “what is tallow.” After I explain that tallow is the rendered and stable form of beef fat, their second reaction is “eew” as they imagine themselves rubbing a greasy bar of fat on their skin.. DIY Soapmaking with Tallow. We have been using more and more beef and deer tallow in cooking, instead of lard, due to all the DDED health benefits it has. Tallow can replace plants in biodiesel fuel. Tallow is considered a by-product of animals in modern times, but many people in history traditionally used tallow in almost every aspect of daily life as a matter of survival as it was widely available: like primitive cultures, the colonists, settlers, and pioneers. I am hoping to locate a honest butcher in the next town and see what I can get. (Yikes!) This cycle allows them to raise some of the most nutrient rich food available. Lots of people will tell you it takes HOURS upon hours to properly render fat. If you then use the animal’s fat for cooking, you are subsequently ingesting these as well. When heat is applied, the suet turns into liquid gold oil. However the 'beef fat as something to rub on your face' concept has merit, partly because it's something that people have done for years. Your email address will not be published. Working in small batches, pulse the tallow in a food processor until finely minced. 1. It just takes a little time. By entering your e-mail you consent to subscribe to my newsletter. To make a bone broth filled with nutrients that can be eaten as a soup or used as a soup base. To use it for lubricants or lotions, etc you need to strain it a few times. We'd like to be your ranchers. Your email address will not be published. Bonus one: For me personally seeing rendered tallow could be used as a medium for oil paint, that’s something I would use for my survival! Both are animal fats, but lard is made from pork fat, and tallow is made from beef fat. Tallow is a great food supplement for pets, Tallow is good for seasoning a cast iron skillet, It is good for waterproofing almost anything- fabric, shoes, tents, tools, etc, Tallow mixes are still used as a projectile lubricant in present day black powder guns, It is good for woodworking by using screws and brass fittings with wood as it prevents corrosion and screw breakage. Gentle yet effective, beef tallow laundry detergent can easily be made at home with a few ingredients. Four Reasons to use Beef Tallow Beef Tallow for High Heat Cooking. Also, any scents you want to add to it. Your beef tallow should come from grass-fed, organic, humanely-raised cows, and should be minimally processed. Be sure you find a trusted source for your beef tallow needs. You can learn more about Ashley and her writing over at her blog, Three to Five a Day. Slide a thin-bladed knife around the bowl and the tallow block should more or less pop right out. 1. On bigger forms they have a garbage bag or slick parchment paper for easy removal of the soap loaf. ; Tallow is a dairy-free animal fat with a high smoke point making it ideal for searing meat and frying food. Tallow is not just any old beef fat, however. It’s a nutrient-dense form of fat that is an integral part of ancestral and carnivore diets. You might also be interested in why Saturated Fat Has Nothing to Do With Heart Disease. Besides using beef tallow to wash your skin, you can also use beef tallow to wash your clothes. Compared to other fats and cooking oils, beef tallow is amazingly cheap. If you get your hands on some quality tallow, here’s some of the wonderful things it can bring into your life. (Astute readers may notice that the photo below shows a slightly different bowl. (Yuck!) By adding tallow to your skincare routine, you are ultimately keeping skin cells hydrated., Utilizing Resources Deer Tallow (,, DAY 227 – 6 Uses For Tallow (Including How To Make Tallow Soap & Candles & Moisturiser Included) (,, Soap making Homemade soap handmade natural, old fashion using beef tallow (,, Tallow fat candle making (, It is packed full of Vitamins A, D, E and K, in winter months this can crucial to have, It is an anticancer food due to its high concentration of CLA conjugated linoleic acids, It allows high triglycerides allow for easy absorption of minerals and nutrients, It doesn’t generate free radicals when its cooked, It gives a mental boost by being brain food, It is heart healthy unprocessed animal fat and a good source of the safe fats, monounsaturated fats, It is made up is much like our cell structures, that’s why it’s so good for skincare and used in skin products as its biocompatible, It is antimicrobial due to being rich in palmitoleic acid, Do not let light hit tallow, it can spoil if kept in prolonged exposure, so use colored glass or opaque containers to block out light, Do not freeze tallow, you do not need to, its solid at room temperature, Do not stick utensils or your fingers in stored tallow, bacteria and microbes will grow in it, Store your tallow in an airtight container to prevent oxidation, Tallow is used in cooking deep frying as to its high melting and smoke point, Tallow is a healthy butter substitute when cooking, Tallow can be used to oil muskets and rifles as it doubles for gun grease, Tallow can be used in pastries and can replace vegetable oil in any recipe, Tallow will condition leather making it soft and supple, also waterproof, It can help with allergies as to its antimicrobial properties, rub the inside of your nose with it as a filter, Tallow can alleviate poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac or chicken pox itch, It helps nursing moms by providing a natural healthy fat, and can be applied on the perineum to help and sooth the area after birth in humans and animals, Tallow helps pregnant mothers by providing energy and nourishment to the baby for proper development, it also helps prevent stretch marks when applied during pregnancy, It is antimicrobial and antibacterial so can help kill yeast, candida, and yeast infections, It is a good lubrication for moving parts. And butter fat turns into ghee. Hog tallow is known as Lard. Don’t forget to share your homemade creations with family members, friends and neighbors. Used alone or as part of a natural home remedy to treat. To make large candles that burn quite a while, you can mix it with beeswax or soy or lard, or just straight tallow. What happens if i don’t render fat slowly? Tallow is the hard and fatty substance made from the rendered (melted down) fat from beef, mutton or pork. It is that simple! They advise that when adding tallow to candles, make tapers a bit thinner, so they burn cleanly and evenly. That’s basic tallow. Since 2000, the family farms of US Wellness Meats have been producing the highest quality grass-fed and pasture-raised meats and other products. Just like in cooking, it is important to consider the source of your beef tallow when used for skincare. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS (+ $9.50 HANDLING). The key here is too use a fully deodorized Beef Tallow that has been heated to 450F and stripped of its beef flavor using a vacuum. To render it, just boil the hard fat after grinding. It is a good mustache wax, and organic shave cream. Tallow is a wholesome, heat-resistant fat to cook with, and the perfect ingredient for making all-natural homemade soap bars and freshly whipped body butter. Make Tallow Laundry Soap Tallow is abundant and very shelf stable. (Cut them as small as you can because it will melt better. Rendered animal fat, ususally beef or sheep. Ashley Martens is a Health and Wellness Writer based in Chicago, IL. After it is strained, it is purified by washing it in boiling water and filtered again. Pry up the disc of tallow using a knife or fork and put the pieces into a large bowl. When it's incorporated into sweet dishes—what the British call "puddings"— it imparts a distinct richness yet somehow avoids making them taste like beef. Tallow is a stable cooking fat and does not spoil easily. Traceable, Dry-Aged, Angus beef. it cured an Alzheimer’s patient at John Hopkins University circa 2013. Grass-fed Beef Tallow Benefits. Tag USWM on Instagram at @uswellnessmeats so we can see how you use beef tallow for more than just cooking! Tallow has a slightly different composition so it's hard at room temperature, and better for soap and candles. US Wellness Meats maintains strict sustainable farming methods and all of their beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished with no added hormones, no antibiotics, drugs, pesticides, or herbicides. Beef tallow on the other hand has very high oxidative and thermal stability. It’s important to note that it is crucial to consider the source of your beef tallow. How do you re-purpose your beef tallow? Chop into small, bite-sized pieces. That’s because I had enough tallow to do this whole process twice!) What's left will be a gelatinous, gray goo. Dip small metal fittings like nuts, bolts, and screws into tallow before storing them away to help protect them rusting. This makes it wonderful for frying or sautéing foods. For high heat cooking, like deep frying, this is one of the best fats. There are many reasons to use tallow as it’s easy to render, being able to collect and render it into useful items it is a valuable skill to have. It's been seasoned with all the things I put in the stock so sweet dishes like suet pudding are out. If you are interested in ditching your synthetic skincare for all natural, non-toxic tallow-based beauty products, you can make your own at home, but if you prefer to online shop instead, check out natural and organic skincare companies like Amara Marie, and Balm of Gilead, who proudly use USWM tallow for all of their tallow-based beauty products. Tallow is worth using for the many reasons we’ve already discussed and a few we haven’t gotten to yet. The majority of beef tallow is approximately 55% saturated fats and 40% monounsaturated fats which are both very heat stable and do not easily produce free radicals when heated, unlike liquid vegetable oils. You may be asking what in the world is tallow … Tallow. The rendering process for beef tallow is easy. The difference between lard and tallow is a simple one. Render beef tallow is on my list of things to do too. Rendering beef tallow. Here is a wonderful video on making soap with tallow: You can make small candles that burn a few hours and are easy to store with your tallow scraps. Preheat your oven to 248F. Tallow was used for makeup, makeup remover and as a night cream. If you are interested in using beef fat to make homemade soap bars, here is an easy recipe for making beef tallow soap. I just listened to a podcast about how in 1990 McDonalds changed from beef tallow to vegetable oil. As a guide, starting with 2kg of beef mutton make roughly 1kg of tallow. So, it isn’t easy to find the things that are so plenty in the USA. Find the shape of the soap you wish to make and have a form for that shape. Lather onto the skin to use as a natural sunblock and to treat sunburn. You can supplement with milk and other oils such as coconut oil, etc depending on its use. If any antibiotics or drugs are used on the animal, those unwanted elements end up in the animal’s body fat. Scoop this fat off and place into a pot. What does beef suet taste like? To render beef tallow, you need to get your hands on some raw beef fat. Beef or lamb make tallow. Combine 1 part tallow to 2 parts apple cider vinegar to help remove head lice. Although all these fats have their own set of benefits, the spotlight here is on beef tallow. I am so excited about this new adventure of tallow in my life. For soap, it’s a basic mixture of lye, scent, and tallow. Tallow is usually considered beef or mutton fat, but actually it is any rendered fat that meets the criteria of a high melting point compared to lard or suet. I joined up with the amazing family at West Texas Beef Company for beef fat to render into tallow to add to my soap. Tallow prevents blisters from boots and shoes and soothes cracked skin by conditioning it. ; Tallow is versatile and can be used for many things: cooking, soap, candles, and skincare. Tallow will keep your weapons from rusting. NOTE: be sure your suet is cold—as in partially frozen. 4. We found 40 good ones that can be applied to self-sufficient living, using only healthy organic materials, and survival practices. It is an additive for conditioning clothes. Tallow can be a hemorrhoid relief cream and prevention aid. Allow to cool and resolidify. Stir vigorously. What does beef tallow taste like? And the wait is entirely worth it. Tallow is good for your skin as is prevents wrinkles and its antioxidant properties infuse it. Our neighbors use up to 50% tallow in their homemade candles. If the butcher has not ground your tallow, you will need to. I will never SPAM you. Tallow is the hard and fatty substance made from the rendered (melted down) fat from beef, mutton or pork. Tallow is a rendered form of beef or mutton fat, primarily made up of triglycerides. Tallow has been, and still is, used in everything from soap to candles, moisturizers to lip balm, and is a source of nutrients including niacin, vitamins B6, B12, K2, selenium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and riboflavin. Beef tallow was long used as a cooking fat until the 1970s. For soap, it’s a basic mixture of lye, scent, and tallow. You don't want to pour this leftover liquid into the sink because there may still be some chunks and particles of fat in there that can clog your pipes; instead, throw it into the toilet. 3. Every possible portion is used. Beef tallow is rendered beef suet, the beef fat surrounding the kidneys. Beef fats are rendered into a creamy white batch of beautiful beef tallow. While all unrefined beef tallow is good, there is big difference in the nutrient content of grass fed tallow compared to tallow from conventionally raised beef.

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