Here's what to know to buy your own. Pros: good mix of storage and lightness, 2 great looking designs, Cons: a decent bit more expensive than other Callaway Bags. It comes in 2 different colors, black and red/white/blue. Perhaps the lightest stand bag on the market at … Whether you’re the one slinging the bag on your shoulder, or you’re shelling out for someone else to do so, here are the best lightweight golf bags, in the opinion of a (former) caddie. It’s light, it’s loaded with pockets and features perfect for any walker, but most importantly, the bag is entirely waterproof. The new Sun Mountain 2Five golf bag is now shipping. If you are just playing a chill round, you don’t need all of your clubs anyway. These ultralight bags (sometimes referred to as "Sunday bags") are perfect for walking the course. The TTD Tianttianda Super Light Golf Stand Bag weighs only four pounds, making it one of the lightest carry golf bags available in the market today. With it comes every feature you may need for a decent experience on the green. Sunday bags are by far the lightest golf bags on the market, typically coming in at around 1-1.5 lbs. Our simple approach employs the use of old-world techniques and the selection of the finest materials available ensuring every golf bag we bring into the world is truly a handmade original worthy of heirloom status. FREE Shipping. Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag, black 4.5 out of 5 stars (25) 25 product ratings - Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag, black It is made with nylon, a very strong but lightweight material. 21 £42.95 £42.95. The best lightweight golf bags are used for carrying around while walking, and others are meant to be used on pushcarts or golf carts. £37.21 £ 37. In some cases, you can even avoid using a cart if you want to get a workout without killing your back. Discover our incredible range of golf carry/stand bags at American Golf, Europe's largest golf retailer. Sun Mountain reduced weight by using carbon-fiber legs, high strength-to-weight plastics, and ultra-lightweight and durable fabrics like those used in mountaineering tents. This is the result of Callaway wanting to make a golf bag that is super light, yet still holds everything you might need on the course. With these lightweight golf bags, you won't have to sacrifice functionality for comfort. A cell phone pocket perfect for easy access for swapping playlists, snapping photos, or ringing the clubhouse bar. 97. FREE Delivery by Amazon. It has two full length dividers, giving you four sections to divide your clubs into. It’s fitting, then, that someone whose job it is to carry golf bags should be the one to recommend bags perfect for carrying. I feel as if I should mention the Ping Hoofer model, as it is the most popular bag on amateur, college, and junior tours. Your caddie knows how to fix your straps faster than you do, which shoulder to place your bag upon so your tags don’t stab them in the stomach, and how to balance their gait so as to keep your clubs from flying out as they traverse down a hill. 11 Best Carry Golf Bags for Walking the Course Share on ... then the Callaway 2017 Hyper Lite Zero Stand Bag has to be near the top. Cart bag. 2Five is the lightest, full-featured golf bag on the market weighing in at the scant two and a half pounds. Pros: lightest non-Sunday golf bag, 11 different designs, lightweight but sturdy materials, lots of accessories, Cons: still not a ton of storage, a little expensive. Pound for pound, this is the best carry bag on the market for those who love to walk (or love to have someone else carry their gear). Longridge Ultra Light 5" Golf Stand Bag. Carry/stand golf bags are virtually hybrids of the traditional cart golf bags. Their minimal design means they can be several pounds lighter than other golf bags. Speaking of purists, Jones’ Original Carry Series bag represents the perfect example of the company tagline: “simplify and golf.” This bag is no frills in the most stylish way possible. Ping’s septuple pockets mean there’s room for everything, and while this bag is larger than its stand bag counterparts, it’s just as light. $149.99 $ 149. It comes in at only 2.5 lbs, hence the name. All links and pictures (if you click on them) will take you to the respective listings on eBay. You could consider skipping on your irons (carrying a PW, 8, 6, and 4 irons). Pros: lightest bag on the market, can carry plenty of clubs for a chill round or par 3 course, not very expensive, Cons: can’t carry all clubs, not much storage room, not all bags are very sturdy. I think it is very professional looking, and it is probably the bag that I would buy if I needed a new one. Shop brands such as TaylorMade & Ping & get free delivery over £50 If you are a walker, you might as well try to get the lightest bag that you can, as long as it holds everything that you’d like to carry around with you. When it comes to lightweight golf bags, the TaylorMade FlexTech Lite is perfect for the player who walks the course thanks to its 4.1-pound weight. Carry Bags - Designed for lightweight travel, these make your game a little quicker, and don’t require you to hire a caddy. Achetez Golf Lightweight Carry Travel Bag - Sac de Golf rembourré et rembourré, Ultra léger, idéal pour Transporter des Avions de Voyage Le Sac, Noir sur Livraison gratuite possible dès 25 € d'achat They are all super light and perfectly designed to maximize storage and club room. It is called the Hyper Lite Zero, and it has a lot of potential. Maybe the best looking bag design that I have ever seen. Bending down too far can result in aches and pains which can be avoided by choosing one of our golf carry bags. 4.5 out of 5 stars 392. You won't get too far without a place to store your clubs, balls, tees, and refreshments. Buy don’t buy this bag because you saw DJ, Rory and Matt Wolff rocking it, buy it because its FlexTech stand system and collapsible base make it the easiest bag on the market to put down. Best Golf Stand Bags – Best Golf Carry Bags Titleist Players 4Plus StaDry Stand Bag + Lightweight at under 2kg + Seam sealed zips – Could be more separation in pockets. By the time you reach the 18th hole, your back and shoulders are aching. And this bag has way more storage than any of the other bags above. I think it’s a pretty good idea to have a Sunday bag on the side, so that you can use it whenever you just want to go on the course late in the after noon and get some holes in. If this bag looks familiar, it’s because you saw it in use a week ago during the TaylorMade Driving Relief skins game. Each for the four pockets feature enough space for ALL your belongings (regardless of how many accessories you pack for an average round). Each MacKenzie golf bag is crafted by skilled artisans, one at a time, to the exacting specifications of our discerning customers. $474.95 $ 474. There are 4 zipper pockets and a comfortable shoulder strap. Golf carry bags have tripod legs that spring outwards from the side which makes them great for keeping your bag clean when you place it on the ground and take a shot. The Sun Mountain 2Five bag is the lightest, full-featured golf bag on the market weighing in at the scant 2.5 pounds. Super Light-Weight Golf Stand Bag for Easy Carry,... (76) Buy on Amazon. The Hoofer’s sturdy design makes it feel like an outlier in the “lightweight bag” category, but its performance says otherwise. If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. Golfers are always striving to keep their numbers low, and Nike Golf designers took that same approach when it came to crafting... | December 30, 2020 Wilson Staff Feather Golf Carry Bag. Under 5lbs preferably. Callaway has been making great golf bags for years, so you can trust that it is made with high quality materials. If you want the absolute lightest golf bag on the market (one that is not a Sunday bag), then you need to look at the Sun Mountain 2Five bag. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. Ping Hoofer bags are the cream of the crop in the golf world, and for good reason. It includes 5 pockets, which is more than others in this article. For the old-school golfer, you couldn’t do much better than this. If you’ve ever had to carry a heavy golf bag around the course, then you understand how exhausting it can be. With its Project Mashup Sunday Bag, Seamus pulled a design straight out of the past, with features from the future. Pros: lightest bag on the market, can carry plenty of clubs for a chill round or par 3 course, not very expensive. A99 Golf T07 Travel Bag Cover Tour Luggage Wheeled Carry Black. Perhaps the best feature on this bag (besides its feather-light 2.5-pound weight)? Sure, this bag won’t have a stand, but it’ll get you to where you’re going in the easiest possible way. Titleist’s Players 4 bag is the Cadillac of golf bags. If you're looking for the best golf bags, specifically the best lightweight golf bags, look no further. If you prefer to walk the course, a golf carry bag is the best way to go as most cart bags are too heavy and bulky to carry for 18 holes. Pros: more storage than any other bag, great designs, brand recognition, incredible reviews, most popular amateur model, Cons: the heaviest bag of the ones listed in this article. Golf carry bags usually have two straps that allow you to carry the bag almost like a backpack and a stand to keep them upright when it’s on the ground. and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF. This bag has 11 different color combinations, so you are sure to find one that fits your eye. Different Types of Golf Bags. $14.70 shipping. Fortunately, some really good lightweight golf bags have come on to the market. However, not all golfers need the same type of… Titleist’s Players 4 bag is the Cadillac of golf bags. It's perfect for the walking and traveling golfer as it takes up very little space in transport. Your email address will not be published. Pros: also the lightest golf bag besides Sunday bags, Cons: hard to find, can be tough to get all of your clubs into. There are seven easy reasons why this bag is perfect for your next round. Let’s be upfront from the start: Sunday bags are not for everyone. 2Five is offered in 10 different colors with a retail price of $219.99. £67.16 £ 67. Many stand-up bags are also equipped with backpack-style shoulder straps that distribute the weight of the bag and make it easier to carry. It’s surely a bag for purists, but what’s so bad about that? K-Cliffs Driving Mini Range Practice Golf Bag Travel Case, Wholesale Case Lot 15 Pieces, Black. A two-way divider, a pair of pockets and a single strap combine for a design that weighs less than many of its lightweight counterparts. It comes in 7 different designs. Up for any recommendations on best carry bag you know of. The weight of the 14.5LS 14-Way Stand bag is 5.2 lbs which is on the light side for 14-way carry bags. Personally, I am a big fan of the black design. Currently toting a Taylormade R11 white bag. Cons: can’t carry all clubs, not much storage room, not all bags are very sturdy. This is among the lightest golf bag we could find at just 3.5 lbs, but the bag is still sturdy enough for regular play. They are much lighter in weight are are made to carry if you choose to. Stand Bags are pretty self-explanatory. Leather bags are the exception. A 4 pound bag is still plenty light to make a significant difference if you are walking. Here is what you should be looking for in a light golf bag: From lightest to slightly heavier bags, here are the best light bags on the market for walkers! Need we say more? Pricing may vary. The average Ping Hoofer bag is a little over 5 lbs, but the Ping Hoofer Lite bags sit right at 4 lbs. This weight is within our preferred range of 4 – 6 lbs for a carry bag. It’s incredibly light, durable and easy to carry. FREE Delivery by Amazon. 99. If you aren’t feeling the SunMountain brand, you might want to consider another one. We were able to keep the weight so low thanks to the use of ultra-lightweight and durable fabrics like those used in mountaineering tents, carbon-fiber legs, and high strength-to-weight plastics. A golf carry bag is the lightest type of golf bag on the market today. If you’re used to playing through the rain, go with the bag designed for exactly that. It’s cheap, it’s incredibly light, and it’s very durable. The 2Five bag has 4 different club sections, and it also offers four pockets for accessories. Other accessories include: a handle on top for easily moving the bag, a strong bottom with patented leg-release, convenient X-Strap Dual straps, a cushioned pad for your back, an umbrella attachment, a golf towel attachment, a pencil holder, and a rain cover that can attach to the bag. You can always clean your bag out and limit the amount of things that you carry, but you might end up taking something out that you’ll eventually need. Its design is small, compact, and sturdy. Walking with a heavy bag on your back can be exhausting. The price tag is a little hefty compared to other Callaway bags. Thanks everyone A golf cart bag is specifically designed to be carried on a pushcart or on the back of a riding cart. 16. Those include a large pocket for clothing, a valuables pocket, a water bottle pocket, and ball & accessory pocket. Here is our selection of the very best lightweight golf bags on the market, including stand bags, carry bags and cart bags. Lightest Golf Bag in 2020: Take A Load Off Having the right golf bag is an essential part of the gear ensemble for any golfer. Another underrated feature: the ergonomic rubber handle on the top of the bag makes picking up and putting down far easier than its competitors, a big feature that’s often overlooked by golfers. In market for new carry bag. Stylish golfers know Seamus as one of the game’s most fashion-forward brands. It also has a soft and comfortable … Some Sunday bags have stands so that you don’t have to drop your clubs each shot, so make sure you get one if you’d like that. Personally, the red/white/blue bag looks incredible. New bag weighs in at less than four pounds. Another benefit of the golf carry bags is that they remove the need to bend down to pick up golf clubs. It may not sound … This Callaway Hyper Dry Lite bag comes in at just 3.6 lbs, which is a good mix between lightweight and still having enough storage. These are all the guys that are not sponsored yet, so they choose whatever they think is best. FREE Shipping. with these 5 braided belts, Golfers trust these sunglasses to cut UVs and highlight greens on the course, These 5 wide-brim hats offer full coverage from the sun's harsh UV rays, One thing to buy this week: Miura x MacKenzie limited-edition carry bag. It’s incredibly light, durable and easy to carry. Make sure to pack these 5 essentials, Updating your look is a cinch (literally!) They use ultra lightweight materials like the materials used in tents, and the legs are carbon fiber so make them lighter. Here are 8 lightweight golf bags perfect for walking the course, Check out the carry bags players are using in the TaylorMade Driving Relief skins match, One thing to buy this week: Shapland’s stylish golf bags for the modern player, Phil Mickelson ‘What’s in the bag?’ 2020: Here are Phil’s clubs for The Match II, One thing to buy this week: Lululemon Commission Short, Puma fuses on-course performance with athleisure comfort in latest apparel line, Wall-to-Wall Equipment: This red-hot driver continues to make waves on Tour, Winner’s bag: Kevin Na’s Callaway clubs at the Sony Open in Hawaii, Editor's Picks: A stylish ladies' look for the upcoming spring season, How I spent $125 and accessorized my game for 2021, Best golf gifts: 5 reliable golf bags you should buy for the holidays, Gimme that: x MNML high-tech stand bag, Best of 2021: 5 essential items golfers need for every round, Ready to take a golf road trip? It’s refreshing to see just how comfortable some of the lightest bags are to carry around. They are also perfect for when you play par 3 courses. Par3 Golf - Sundaze Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag with Stand - Easy to Carry & Durable Golf Bag - Golf Stand Bag for The Driving Range, Pitch n' Putt, Par 3, Executive Courses - 31.5" Tall wi. 95. These are the ultimate weekender golfing bag; recreational use, lightweight travel, easy to pack. Some top 14-way carry bags weigh over 7 lbs which we believe is too heavy for an 18 hole carry. The carry golf stand bag has a 3 way divider with plenty of space to accommodate your entire set of golf clubs. An intimate relationship exists between your caddie and your golf bag. They can’t always carry an entire set of clubs (14), but they will carry typically 8-10 clubs easily. They are for very recreational golfers that just want to have a very chill time on the course, without taking any thing too seriously. Callaway has also produced a stand bag that weights just 2.5 lbs. The Classic Carry on Travel Padded Golf Bag with Accessory Bag. You’ll have to consider whether the lower weight is worth the extra money. The weight of the bag itself tends to be much heavier than the stand (or carry) bag, although golf bags in general weigh much less now than they did previously. The bag is mostly canvas, featuring a cinch-close pocket, a zipper pocket and a magnet closure pocket for all your essentials. Similar to the SunMountain bag listed above, this bag has 4 zippered pockets as well for storage of balls, clothing, towels, etc. If you don’t use a push cart, which many prefer not to, then you can end up lugging around 20+ pounds on your back if you are not careful. 4.4 out of 5 stars 446. $59.97 $ 59. The Hyper-Lite Zero’s name might have come from a marketing whiz, but it’s evident this bag was designed by golfers. The bag that I would recommend is the Orlimar Pitch and Putt bag, as it has a stand and is sturdier than the average Sunday Bag. The Players 4’s pocket space and dividers make it the perfect bag for neat freaks, while waterproof notches keep your valuables safe (and dry) during your round. The Sun Mountain 2020 2.5+ Stand Bag is a follow-up to the public release 2Five Golf Bag, which weighs only 2.95 lbs and features high-density shoulder straps with continued foam. Plus, the materials are slightly thicker and stronger, so you should be able to use it much longer in the end.

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