Gleda will not fight, and can not be spoken to. Avulstein Gray-Mane, Geirlund, and Vidrald will also stop following you. When your follower would die due to an enemy attack or a trap, they will be incapacitated for some time and begin to recover their health, just like essential NPCs; enemies will stop attacking or targeting them during this time. Simply talk to them and they'll tell you what you must do. You will learn where each potential companion is, and how to recruit him or her. Otherwise you may have to wait until all enemies in the area are removed before they recover. You can ask Erandur to join you after completing Waking Nightmare daedric quest. To convince these followers to join you, you'll need to complete their quests. Vilkus is another member of the companions, which is a faction that is found in the city of Whiterun. I only included those that only had males in them. Notes: One of the few mage class followers in the game. If they are dropped in stacks of 6 or more they will only pick up one of the item, and the rest will be lost. Annekke Crag-Jumper is a more than a decent follower in Skyrim. SR Elf Followers All Nine of the Potential Followers in SR Elf Followers Introduction: This mod adds 9 new elf followers to Skyrim, the majority of whom are female. The bow and arrows will be removed when the follower leaves your service. Fortify does not increase the amount of damage they do. Faction: Eastmarch Services: Follower, joining the Blades. Most players always have a follower by their side, though everyone has a different opinion on who the best followers are. Doctors' alarming details as Trump tries to project strength. Your follower should return to full health once the battle has ended, however you can also try healing him when you're still fighting enemy units. Marcurio is a mercenary and you can hire him by paying 500 gold coins for his services. PC SSE - Request. It should be noted, however, that followers will not always drink healing potions if they have any in their inventory, even if they are kneeling and recovering health, so the best bet would be to have Healing Hands ready for use. If you wish to easily find your follower, have them pick up any quest item that is needed for a quest you do not want to complete. For those who intended a mage follower, I endorse Erandur. Hirelings are mercenaries; you'll need to hire them for a set price of 500 gold. Most followers have a task you must accomplish before they join you. You can ask Benor to join you after completing his mini-quest. In addition to any other equipment they may have, followers will automatically receive a hunting bow and 12 iron arrows when they start following you. This occurs automatically at the end of Dragon Rising main quest. Skyrim: The 10 Best & 10 Worst Followers In The Game. Sort by. a Steel Sword being used instead of a Flawless Steel Sword). She will follow you until you return her to, Activate an object, such as a lever or a chair, Fill soul gems including The Black Star and Azura's Star (if a soultrap or. For example, if your ally is an archer and you give him a good ranged weapon, then he should automatically make an exchange for his current weapon. You can ask Derkeethusto join you after you set him free. an Iron Sword and a Steel Sword), they will try to choose the "best" item from their choices (Steel Sword). Followers who have the archery skill and come with a starter set bow and arrows will use a single better arrow indefinitely, without using it up. Having allies can make the game easier, because they often distract enemies from the main character. Followers are a big part of Skyrim gameplay, but the mod designs for followers can veer from great to weird. 4) Allies summoned or resurrected using magic - This group consists mostly of atronachs and dremora summoned to the battlefield with the help of certain spells, however you can also add the undead to your team thanks to necromancy. Drop items to be picked up in stacks of 5 or less. For example, if you want to play as an offensive warrior you should add a defensive mage to your team so that he can heal you and cast protection spells. Leave your service (the follower will return to their normal home and routine). You can purchase this dog from Banning for 500 gold coins. SKYRIM Best Mage Follower Illia part 1 Currently, there is a bug in which Illia is no longer recruitable after you send her home. When I start a warrior-Orc playthrough later, I want to have a mage follower so I can act as the tank. I bought marcurio but forgot how annoying he is so I sent him packing and replaced him with j’zargo who has been great so far. 8 Worst: Kaiha - A Child Follower Reborn By Eidolon80. If not I'm marrying alea the hunter. It can be quite easy to outpace most followers and lose track of them (e.g. People from this group can be given simple orders and they can also can receive items from the main character. Sometimes when using the exploit, giving your follower the same armor as starting armor, then taking this armor will result in the follower being unclothed. You can ask Annekke to join you after completing her mini-quest. 10 comments. 10. Have fun using it on our WWW pages. They'll stick around until they're dismissed, at which point they'll return to their starting location and you'll need to pay the fee again to get them back. Many temporary followers are "essential", so they cannot be killed, only incapacitated for a while. Notably, this means: Followers who are also trainers can train you for "free". This is achieved by initiating a conversation with an ally and choosing a dialogue option from the list (screen above). The followers in Skyrim can be handy in a pinch, and make for great pack mules, but if you've put a few hundred hours into Skyrim, you're probably getting a little bored of the housecarls and hirelings.You might even be holding off on getting married because you can't find an eligible male or female character to take as a husband or wife. Considered afun and good follower. Sabrina-A stand-alone Mage Follower is a follower mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that adds a new follower to the game. Non-essential ones will die immediately when struck down, just as ordinary NPCs. There are reports that damage enchantments on bows do work for followers with the, Members of the Circle have a maximum level of, All followers from the Companions faction have a Morality value of, The maximum level of all hirelings listed here is, All Orc stronghold followers have a maximum level of, All Orc stronghold followers have a Morality value of. This issue can sometimes be resolved by entering a new area that requires loading. Most quest followers will follow you additionally to any permanent follower. Fortify does not reduce enchanted weapon usage cost at all, or remove it at values of 100%. To fix this, kill the Spriggan and have the dog be downed by something other than your weapon; when it gets back up, the problem should be resolved. Each follower, except J'zargo, CelannDG, DurakDG, IngjardDG and FreaDB, has a maximum level and a specific set of primary skills, which are dictated by their class. You cannot force a follower to use the "right" item other than by removing all the wrong ones that they prefer from their inventory. In such cases, potential permanent followers will say that you already have a follower and be unable to join you, as the quest follower occupies the follower slot. Page 1 of 2 - Male Follower Mods Compendium - posted in Skyrim Special Edition Mod Talk: I got bored today. Followers do not need lockpicks to open containers. Furthermore, your followers will automatically use all the items they receive based on their specializations. This page or section is incomplete. Two of these commands have secondary benefits in certain situations: Also, followers can use a torch (only one is needed, it will never deplete). This page was copied from an out-of-date source, and the data is not all accurate, yet. Vilja in Skyrim. Followers can and will attack your horse, summons, thralls and other temporary followers if hit by them enough. ... Kai's a heavy-lifter follower, which is perfect for a rogue or mage who needs someone to go in and take the brunt of the damage. Erik is a mercenary and you can hire him by paying 500 gold coins for his services. There is one other exception to this rule: your spouse. It becomes possible after completing his mini-quest. If you talk to one, it will become your follower. 10 comments. Converted from LE balance him out a bit to make him more viable. †Only one quest of this type can be active at a time. hide. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Note: Will disappear if told to wait and you enter a dungeon. The single arrow may eventually disappear after an unspecified number of shots. You can remove the "Stolen" tag by repeating the process. Any suggestions who? I want to get the feel that I have an apprentice on my travels but I don't want them to look like my body guard so a young looking follower is what I am looking for. This mostly occurs when completing quests and in these cases you can count on having an additional ally until the quest has ended (without being given a chance to ask that person to join the main character to take part in future journeys). The latter is only possible wiith Conjuration at its maximum level. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Female Mage follower? Who is your favorite mage follower and why? Once you complete that task, they will join you for good. Permanent followers have the ability to trade money and goods. She can be encountered in Whiterun.The mod currently uses UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT for body type, but support for other mods is planned in the future as well.. It is also possible to heal damage and quickly return the follower into the fight by having traded to them some standard healing potions (e.g. If you place items in a container and then command the follower to "take all items" the items they take from the container may now carry the "Stolen" tag. Bit if there is an attractive female Mage I'll take her. This is common when escorting a temporary mage follower, or summoning an Atronach that uses projectile spells. If you avoid completing the quest and go somewhere else, they may follow you around. He's beautiful robust. You can ask Mjoll to join you after completing his mini-quest. Basically the title. They fight with you, carry your things, and stay loyal to you no matter what. Voira is a mysterious vampire mage who specializes in fire magic. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Guide by It's worth knowing that they're counted separately, so by adding a dog to your team you don't have to send away the human follower. Accompanies you if you chose him during the opening sequence in Helgen. If you're wondering which are the best Skyrim followers, read on as we take a look at the ultimate companions. She can be encountered in Whiterun.The mod currently uses UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT for body type, but support for other mods is planned in the future as well.. I strongly recommend that you always work on improving the strength of your team and that you always try to have as many followers as possible.

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