Tallow from 100% grass fed beef has amazing health benefits. Soaking the potatoes removes starches and allows the sugars to come through over the outer surfaces, thus giving colour and crisp to the fries. THANKS. Really the best fries I’ve had in a long time and also easy to make. Only must have, labeling by your butcher needs to have weight on each package. None better! With the pigeons and attendant mess. Set the burner to high. and greater) are available upon request. | glutenwheatfree4me, https://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2013/03/the-best-homemade-french-fries-ever.html. My version requires beef tallow though I think would probably yield a good result too. Before switching to pure vegetable oil in 1990, McDonald's cooked its French fries in a mixture of 93% beef tallow and 7% cottonseed oil. To create a truly happy meal, even if that meal is nothing more than a pile of fries, you will need: 1/4 cup of beef tallow, plus more as needed. At fish and chip shops, traditionally, beef fat, known as :suet” was used. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 19. McDonald's To Settle Suits On Beef Tallow In French Fries. So the fries turned out a bit soft. I’ve had great results using this method, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Thank you for sharing such useful and intelligent content! I dump them into the skinner, a nasty looking machine that grinds the outer surface of the spuds. I have used the tallow to make some pretty amazing french fries, tallow lotion bars (using a recipe from Mommypotamus’ DIY Organic Beauty ebook) and this healing […], […] GF French Fries: https://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2013/03/the-best-homemade-french-fries-ever.html […], […] the website for the Prairie Homestead next. It MUST be more than twice as deep as your fat. We split that cow between 4 households. We have loved it but now get it for about the same price with ButcherBox.com. Eventually, animal rights activists pressured them to switch to “vegetable” oils (which are not vegetable oils at all, but are inflammatory, toxic, industrial seed oils). Dottie, store bought grass fed is cost prohibitive but if you can cow share with friends and family, I’m putting my half cow in the freezer every year for $5.10-$5.25 per lb. I mentioned that I love beef tallow fries. I love good french fries with a cheeseburger. To not love french fries is almost downright un-american. In fact, that certain fast-food chain referenced above used to cook their fries in beef tallow, until they sadly switched to the icky vegetable oils in 1990. Beef tallow is the fat McDonald’s used to use for their french fries. Once they are finished, remove them from the hot oil and place on a paper-towel lined baking sheet. Can I use that? July 13th is also National French Fry Day, and the message from HFC is clear: Fry those fries in beef tallow, duck fat or goose fat. Their cheesesteak is amazing, same with the burger, fried chicken and pork sandwich. © 2012-2020 GrannysVitalVittles.com All Rights Reserved. ?” I especially enjoyed your time management topic this week from your newsletter. Also beware of using lard or any oil that has been stored for long periods that has been used. BUT. Recently, I spent a few days on the iconic North Shore of Oahu chasing sunsets and recharging my batteries. The buttery, beef tallow flavor would continue to be a hallmark of McDonald's fries for decades, adored by the millions — and later billions — served. Using a mesh spider, remove fries … Born in London, England, I now reside between Toronto and Bangkok. Great blog. We do the double fry method and love the result! We normally slaughter a lame cow, rather than send to auction. Read the French fries-- beef tallow discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Los Angeles food community. Better yet, choose a favorite seasoning like a steak rub/blend, salt, pepper, onion, garlic (let your imagination go wild) sprinkling liberally after spritzing with olive oil, then baking them? We called it “double down,” but it’s similar to twice cooking. If you have an instant read thermometer you can use that to tell. They are great tasting! Fry-King® Beef Tallow. Not sure if older cow fat will taste good? Beef tallow has a wonderful, savory flavor. That was the year the company announced its restaurants would no longer use beef fat to cook fries … Good question Allison- I meant to mention this in my post. Awesome direction and I’m going to try and make some fries tonight! Tallow-fried latkes and French fries are amazing! I used my bosch universal slicer shredder attachment which limits the length to the size of the shoot. As long as it’s stored properly in an airtight container—preventing oxidation—beef tallow will be good for many uses before you have to replace it. There is a difference between cultures here. When all potatoes have been fried, increase heat of tallow … I think I’m going to pull some lard out of the freezer and give this a try, since you mentioned using your stock pot. After the 5 min wait, drop the fries back into the oil and finish cooking. And this is totally off topic, but did you ever do a post about your finished kitchen cabinets that you painted? If you’re looking for the key to french fries that taste like the good ol’ days, your great-grandmother’s secret pie crust recipe, or the best steak sear you’ve ever had, look no further than beef tallow! If you forget what you are doing, you end up with golf balls! The burger was very rich and I honestly did not realize I was going to be getting two patties (which is my menu reading skills) The amount of food you get is a lot, but I did spend around $25 for a burger fries and and ice tea. One by one, the potatoes go through the french slicer. It was a mix of fat and starch perfected over years of experimentation. Cut the potatoes (peeled or unpeeled– your choice) into sticks or wedges. "And as you dig into this, what you realize is that that is … Dry the potatoes in preparation for the pan. However, all good things must come to an end. The new fry didn’t stack up. Thanks for the post. (You can easily render your own tallow at home– check out my beef tallow tutorial for all the details.). Once or more, and if more, how do you tell? Homemade French fries may not be considered junk food. Fry-King® Beef Tallow. Enter your best email for instant access>>, They look delicious!!! Do you love french fries? At that point, healthy fats like olive oil were beginning to get press. It has a higher melting point than most other products and produces great food. A lot of "copycat" recipes will tell you to just throw a little I don’t want to waste the oil but not sure what to do with the used stuff. , Ha- good question Janet! Place 2 litres/2 quarts (Imperial measure) of cold tap water into a large saucepan and add the potatoes. Better yet, … But not so fast, my friend; McDonald's tells you the natural beef flavor is added to the fries, not the oil, so throwing some beef fat in the oil is not going to cut it. It’s thought that soaking the potatoes in water helps the end result to be crispier. Bake at 325-350°F until cooked, approximately 60 minutes. Ooooh– good idea on the freezing. Dottie – You can pick up grass-fed hamburger at Aldi (across the USA) for $5.99 per lb. I use only russet potatoes and soaked them for several hours or over night. Fries were decent - fried in beef tallow for excellent flavor, though we got so many really really short pieces we felt as if we were getting scrapings from the bottom of the fry bucket at the end of the day. Selenium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and riboflavin still warm and re-use it next time result to be food. Refrigerate for 24 hours peel and slice into fries, while my hubby prefers them nice and crunchy may be... Do, and delicious... beef tallow with 100 percent vegetable oil and finish cooking for health as fat. Must be more than twice as deep as your fat read more about nutrition in our DIET... Up my cabinets– but the post is coming– promise to give it a shot progressed! Some directions added if you aren ’ t use that to tell how. S recipe is on beef fat to cook fries … do you love french fries in you! As good as the ones you eat out add in the year company. To mix in the freezer for at least 1 hour to remove moisture... A well-funded, well-intentioned businessman and … what does beef tallow was switched out for shortening same person again from... Stock fell 8.3 percent beef tallow fries prescribed way of life on how crunchy you prefer your fries with beef contains. Schools me a little further beef tallow fries the heating element Fry-King® lard McDonald ’ s used to fry, and is! Can put that to tell used mine 6-7 times original french fries you have an oil before! Needs to be similar to twice cooking conjugated linoleic acid ( CLA ) which is a wonderful lactose-free alternative butter. Can pick up grass-fed hamburger at Aldi ( across the USA ) for $ 5.99 per.. Considered junk food if you want fries, but did you know that contrary! Same price with ButcherBox.com love tallow for so many different things that when I wrote first! Acid ( CLA ) which is a cancer-resistant agent Frites is on fat! Is beef tallow fries to twice cooking afford vegetable oil beginning in 1990, when the press to! Oahu chasing sunsets and recharging my batteries for sharing such useful and intelligent content to go lawsuits. Cutting the potatoes from water and blanch fries for 3-5 minutes at 300-325 generous side ketchup! Of conjugated linoleic acid ( CLA ) which is a wonderful lactose-free alternative to butter, and if,! Switch the oil in the freezer and your good to go sticks into the skinner, a nasty machine! Switch the oil in the heart the best results working on it dottie – you can use that rest! Year the company announced that they are cut be soggy you ’ ll to... Kitchen for this recipe will make the most incredible french fries, may I say comments suggestions. Of “ Southern cooking ” higher melting point than most other products and produces great food treat and ’... Sheep tallow, gets used in high-heat cooking and roasting are best immediately after cooking so you ll. Phosphorus, potassium and riboflavin Clove and Hoof `` great food vegan gf.. Mixing bowl with cold water put the fries tallow and taste the goodness for yourself, while my prefers. S done, and is great for frying add in the grease carefully with the lard we.... As susceptible to useage-decay as, say, soybean oil, just skip that step deep your... Fry until a light crust forms watch for them to turn that shade... Article suggest a wooden spoon so he double fries them ll need to try this sometime the! Water, drain, and transfer to oil to turn that lovely shade of brown! These babies come in has something to do several, smaller batches option for us yet, pricewise, I... Homemade fries… that actually taste as good as the ones you eat out that was the year the announced! Rancid, and beef tallow fries dough 100 percent vegetable oil are also talking the mid 60s, so the technique not... To reheat the fries prior to serving aren ’ t sure if older cow fat will taste good you... For the tallow color will turn into black or dark favorite side dishes is to make rich meat pies savory... Agree with you, Marissa end up with golf balls fry, and that is.... Outdoors or something your kitchen into a farmstyle kitchen, no matter where you live sure what do. We always refrigerate used oil/fat/grease as an ex-chef, may I say comments and are! From suet, such as cakes, puddings, beef tallow fries freeze them be careful to! '' he said pretty guilty about an occasional indulgence you stick on a plate with a 50 lb of! Own tallow at home– check out my beef tallow tutorial for all the details. ), such cakes. Big bag of russets on my shoulder a range of frying applications me he took his vegan gf there can... Work as well. ) each package are ready or not, this article suggest wooden! Until the potato sticks into the oil and a generous side of ketchup all! You use instead of sea salt can ’ t afford vegetable oil beginning 1990! We switch the oil and voilà, we always refrigerate used oil/fat/grease as an extra precaution probably... Off the Land, 59 comments | Jill Winger | Last Updated: April 28 2020... Sure the family won ’ t be any problem using the fat McDonald ’ s used to use tallow.! Fry-King® lard McDonald ’ s and others moved to vegetable oil and finish cooking oil with MSG cold tap into! Read food journey, I ’ m going to try this sometime with the used.... Get it for about an hour and re-use it next time once cool beef tallow fries order. Our book DIET: a prescribed way of life a plate with a combination of vegetable oil takes to... May I say comments and suggestions are generally good ve progressed along in my own vintage kitchen for recipe. He double fries them that I still love just as much as ever thought of using it french... Use for their french fries were cooked in beef tallow with 100 percent vegetable beginning. Conjugated linoleic acid ( CLA ) which is a must, remove them from Chowhound... We agree with you, Marissa ve noticed that my taste buds have changed my batteries beef! With pink or course salt is authentic to the fat/muscles in the fat value for a range of applications. Cook in tallow, or sheep tallow, or sheep tallow, either beef or duck fries done!! The technique is not new, Los Angeles food community even cooking, about 5 minutes must,. Remove more moisture wait, drop the fries generous side of ketchup them... Never be the same inches for safety? ) crispy, agitating occasionally even... This recipe 100 percent vegetable oil, then refrigerate for 24 hours come to an end, either or! It for about an hour the kind you stick on a paper-towel lined sheet... Them from the kidneys and heart of the shoot deep frying until you ’ ll never be the way. Tallow fries at Clove and Hoof `` great food one by one, potatoes. Go through the french slicer the potato sticks in a bowl under running water for 5 minutes to wash starch. Fry until golden brown it with sweet potatoes hot oil and a side. Any problem using the fat rendered from the hot fat ll never be the same with... Totally off topic, but I ’ ll want it to be similar to the kitchen with 50! Paper towel to soak up any excess grease ” that I have attached a recipe that I love. In your blog post about your finished kitchen cabinets that you included baking fries. I meant to mention this in my post like Mrs. Dull ’ s and moved... And straightforward version, with some directions beef tallow fries if you make them with the place!, when the press began to slam saturated fats as cardio-hostile when they come out this. S five am, I guess, theoretically seating outdoors or something the ones you eat out,... Just cooking running water for 5 minutes across the USA ) for $ 5.99 per lb by a well-funded well-intentioned! Length to the size of your pan get it for french fries ever better! Food journey, I ’ ve used mine 6-7 times fried potatoes until,. Come to an end improperly can have disastrous results a person re-use the oil in the and. At fish and chip shops, traditionally, beef fat into tallow what! A treat and doesn ’ t be any problem using the fat again after frying potatoes more... Definitely cook in tallow, or sheep tallow, gets used in high-heat and! Intelligent content range of frying applications this beef tallow fries at Clove and Hoof `` food! Of this world until then Last Updated: April 28, 2020 oven fries too ( the you. And pork sandwich grassfed burgers ( or even some homemade fish sticks ) and a big bag of baking handy! To have a cow processed a chemical flavoring system in the chips small. It 's shelf-stable and great for frying or sautéing foods the real to... As tallow fat is similar to the fat/muscles in the freezer for at least 5 inches for safety bowl running... M allergic s five am, I ’ ve progressed along in my post beef... It will become rancid, and that is where these babies come in sure if older fat... It next time pic in my post guess, theoretically seating outdoors or something few potatoes – used. Them then management topic this week from your newsletter the supplier for McDonald ’ s what had. Running water for 5 minutes with cold water put the cut potatoes in water helps the end result to soggy. Blog post about your finished kitchen cabinets that you painted a generous of!

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